Welcome to AEAngel Emerging was actually created by the angels! It is meant to be a resource for inspiration, illumination, and healing. It is the starting point of a possibility – that of greater love, light and compassion in our world.

Our Mission Statement
In the world, we invoke the spirit of compassion, understanding, and one-ness. We inspire the awakening Soul through love, self-discovery, and empowerment. We honor the individual’s journey through the realization that each path leads to the same door–your awakening!

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Wendy Gayle has been offering professional spiritual counseling and psychic readings for over twenty-two years.

Do you need ...
  • one-on-one psychic reading
  • psychic phone reading
  • spiritual counseling or life coach
  • hands-on healing session
  • remote healing session


Interested in a deeper approach to your spiritual awakening – one that combines masculine and feminine stillness and action into one path?

Life Mastery through the Elements is a six month in-depth study into the forces of all creation, providing you with access to a entirely new level of spiritual growth.

Our course is designed for channels, healers, mystics and empaths at all levels, and geared toward those who wish to accelerate the journey of awakening. Consider it a “Masters” Master course!

For many of us mastery, or the heightened sense of ‘self’ is defined through the understanding of what drives us, what takes us off balance, and what brings us back to harmony and bliss. When we accelerate our awakening, it’s important to have a container or safe space for our process to unfold.

This course will do just that, while providing a safe, nurturing environment for your spiritual growth!

Included in the program:

  • 6 powerful lessons, one 90-minute class per month, with optional personal calls with Wendy, Sarah or Connie
  • 1 group call per month facilitated by Wendy, Connie or Sarah
  • Small participant group calls (1 per month) to review assignments and processes, to help ground and activate the messages you will be receiving
  • Free attendance at one 1-day Mastery Workshop--to be announced in January!