Welcome to AEAngel Emerging was actually created by the angels! It is meant to be a resource for inspiration, illumination, and healing. It is the starting point of a possibility – that of greater love, light and compassion in our world.

Our Mission Statement
In the world, we invoke the spirit of compassion, understanding, and one-ness. We inspire the awakening Soul through love, self-discovery, and empowerment. We honor the individual’s journey through the realization that each path leads to the same door–your awakening!
Thank you again for the healing. It was a lovely experience and I know it will serve me well.
Wendy Gayle has been offering professional spiritual counseling and psychic readings for over twenty-two years.

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Our hearts are full as we send our heartfelt thanks to all who took this journey with us. We look forward to our next spirit journey together! - Wendy, Sarah and Connie

“The Sedona retreat was amazing. Within 72 hours, people that I had never met felt like family. I feel the connections made at the retreat will remain for the rest of this lifetime, and beyond! For the first time in many years, I felt a sense of belonging. I felt accepted and loved, even appreciated. What other definition of family could possibly compare? The group exercises helped me to open up, to push the boundaries of my complacency, and to break out of my habitual fears of connecting with others. The channeling was spectacular. In the presence of the Mother, I felt like a child again. Such warm and gentle energy. The Metatron bottle incident (Metatron had difficulty operating one of those flip-top plastic water bottles) was a humorous moment that helped to bring the group together. And the star wisdom meditation with Sarah’s guide was very powerful indeed.” - Stan, Santa Clara

“The earth wisdom, star wisdom retreat through Angel Emerging in beautiful surroundings of Sedona was magical, amazing and powerful! Through many channeled messages and many guided meditations, we were assisted in awakening the spirit, connecting with our guides, and evoking the purpose of life. Wendy, Connie and Sarah were amazing facilitators, they helped me find my true self, my life’s path and my true passions. They created a safe, non-judgmental place for sharing my worries, my concerns and helped me overcome my fears. Through exercises I connected with other group participants on a deep spiritual level. We also had a lot of fun: jeep tour to UFO sightings, tour to the main vortexes and arts and crafts activity making our own wands with precious stones. We were offered private sessions. The most surprising were the miracles that happened to me everyday during the weekend which also followed me home. The seminar was well thought out and organized. I can’t wait for another spirit adventure like this one!” - Jola, San Francisco