Imagine having a companion so in sync with every aspect of you, it is hard to tell where you end and they begin. Someone who always has your back, encourages you to your greatest heights, and never leaves their socks on the floor. That is my experience of Metatron! WendyMetatron1-250x200

You will find there are many sources with ideas as to what Metatron is. Many believe, as I do, that he is an Archangel. Some believe he is Divine consciousness. In Kabalistic tradition, he is at the top of the Tree of Life and is called Kether ~ meaning “crown”. Some wisdom suggests he is the connection (bridge) between humanity and the Divine. Others see Metatron as sacred geometry. I find it interesting that in many ways he defies definition.

To help me with understanding and clarity, he told me a story. The story says that Metatron was the first thing created by Source. Source created him to be the “building blocks” of the Universe. Then Source created everything else through Metatron because he is the divine blueprint and sacred geometry of all things. He is very clear he is not the Creator ~ only the created! WendyMetatron6sm-199x250

Working with Metatron is part of my Soul’s journey and a true gift in this lifetime. I love how he inspires people and teaches us to understand our Soul’s journey, freely giving what ever tool is needed for our empowerment. I appreciate his warmth, compassion, and dry humor. I have come to trust he will never let me down. He says our journey together is all about bringing light to life and he is here to remind us that we are Divine ~ no less than Metatron or any being. And even though Metatron uses my eyes to see you, I have begun to see you and this world through his eyes. Amazing!